In world where data is available everywhere, from your Amazon account to your email software to your Google analytics, wouldn't it be nice if you could see it all in one place - organised how you want to see it?

Wouldn't knowing what's happening in all your accounts, without having to log in to each, be amazing and save you a huge amount of time?

We were struggling with the same problem. How to get our data into a simple, easy to understand, and relevant format so we could analyse, plan and set goals for ourselves. So we decided to build something that could do just that - and was born. doesn't just collect your data, it organises it so you can monitor all the metrics that are important to you - all in your own customised dashboard.

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What is neatly and why should you care?

With the adoption of cloud software within the SME market, this data has never been more accessible. However with the average business using an average of 13 cloud applications to manage their business, this data is becoming scattered, fragmented and time intensive to collate and consume.

The generation and consumption of data is not going away.

In fact it is only going to grow and while this does present challenges, it also presents a great opportunity to those businesses who embrace a data driven culture, making informed business decisions based on their own data.

Neatly allows business’ to view all of their business data under one roof, nice and neatly.

With over 3 million SME’s in the UK alone, the contribution to the economy overall is huge. Despite this data on the SME market as a whole is traditionally expensive to analyse and therefore only small samples are taken which do not always portray the full story. With the data set that neatly is collecting, we will be able to identify trends within a market that has historically difficult to reach.


Who is going to be steering the ship?

Management Team

Sarah Hewitson

Heading up the team will be Sarah. Sarah has been working in Marketing for over 5 years, starting her career in a small startup. Sarah has been involved with neatly since conception.

Martin Dunn

Martin will be heading up the development side of neatly. He has a wealth of experience developing a wide range of projects in both public and private sector spanning 9 years.

Ariel Koo

Ariel will working with neatly as a Data Scientist. She has 3 years of experience working in Big Data Analysis as well as a Phd in Finance. Ariel is responsible analysing the data to provide trend analysis.

Jon Leighton

Founder Jon Leighton has worked for over 10 years in the digital space as the MD of digital & development agency iResources.

Non Exec Team

Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca is a qualified accountant with extensive experience working with numerous startups & a strong financial management background.

Paul Callaghan

Paul has 10 years experience in global investment and business development roles, with an extensive international business network covering Asia, the Americas and Middle East.


So what does Neatly do?

The Product

Neatly is a reporting platform providing SME’s with actionable insights on their data, and enabling them to view their business within one account.

Neatly currently offers the following features:

  • Prebuilt Dashboards
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Monthly, Weekly & Daily PDF Reports
  • KPI/Goal Tracking
  • Personalised Insights
  • Unlimited Users

The software currently offers over 45 integrations with a range of platforms including Facebook, Google Analytics, Stripe, PayPal and the most popular ecommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.



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Getting your investment back to you

While we can't promise that we will exit exactly when planned, we've looked at the market and can see that there have been many acquisitions recently. The great news is that data never goes out of fashion, so we're confident that we can build the system up to an attractive size, then look to be acquired by one of the companies below


What neatly looks like


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