Since when did it become fashionable to make things difficult for people?

Or be deliberately intimidating?

Or just be plain RUDE?

We at Current think it’s hard enough trying to raise finance for your business without the added pressure.
We WON'T promise we will definitely think your opportunity is appropriate for our investor members or the funding routes we use.
We CAN promise we'll do everything in our power to help you.
We don’t feel the need to use fancy jargon or cloak and dagger tactics to try to look clever. We just want to do honest, simple business with people. See our types of people here.
It really isn't complicated to get started on your journey of unlocking your business potential.
But not everyone wants us saying that!

The first steps we guide you through


Tax Status

First place to start is whether you have achieved or applied for your Advance Assurance with HMRC.

It is definitely a huge "tick in the box" for your company.

Most investors will want any company they invest in to have Advance Assurance, as it gives the investor some fantastic tax incentives to put money into your company.

We'd even go so far as to say that it's essential for your success!

don't miss this step!

Investment Deck

Your investment deck is basically a sales brochure that tells investors why they should invest in your company. It outlines your background, your plans for the future, and what an investor can expect your company to achieve (with their investment of course!)

All great investment decks have relevant content and eye catching design as integral parts of them. They also ensure that the message of why someone should invest in your company is crystal clear. This is not a time for vagueness. Show them why your company is going to be successful.

Don't be shy!


business plan

To use a golfing analogy - Drive for show, putt for dough.

Your investment deck is your driver - it looks great and can really set you up for the hole if done correcly. If not, then you're off in the trees somewhere and it's unlikely you'll be able to get back on track.

Your business plan is your putter - it doesn't matter how far you hit it off the tee, or even if you were straight down the fairway, if you can't putt you're going to have a really bad score.

Business plans are critical to a good fund raise. While not the sexiest part of the process, they are the backbone to ensure success. Business plans are much more in-depth than investment decks and don't have the sales angle. They are factual and represent how your company and your plan is going to succeed.

Make sure you think it through


What makes an idea or a business great is that it removes pain for people. Whether it is physical, emotional or financial pain, all good ideas and businesses make people's lives easier. They take away pain.

So what pain is your business or idea going to take away? What problem is it going to solve? What solution is being provided to make people's lives better?



Every great idea, company or invention has one thing in common - It makes people care. People are emotional animals. They need to care about what they get involved in.

So the question to you, as the entrepreneur, is why should we (and other investors) care? What makes your idea, business or opportunity unique? What makes it stand out from the rest? Why should anyone invest time, money and emotion into what you're doing or plan to do?



Look, there are lots of great people out there. There are lots of great ideas out there. There are lots of great companies out there. That's not up for debate - it's a fact.


That's our watermark. That's our requirement.

So tell us why you're awesome. Don't be shy. Don't be coy.



The are always lots of reasons to say no. Give us at least one to say YES!

Each company, idea or entrepreneur has something that makes them unique - whether it be their idea, their "awesomeness" or their angle on the market. Tell us about it!

Don't get bogged down in "if we do X% of the market we'll achieve Y profit". Frankly we're not interested. Anyone can say that. Anyone can build a spreadsheet and do projections.

What is it with your idea, company, team or whatever that makes us think: