We’re simplifying crowdfunding and part of that means getting information to you, answering your questions and more generally, just being available to you in as many ways as possible. Our social media channels are there for you to reach us, as much as they are for us to reach you. If you’re part of our online community already, great! If not, you can follow these links;


By clicking on the above links you’ll be taken to independent third party websites not associated with Current Capital. We do not guarantee, endorse or control the opinions or views expressed on Facebook or Twitter, with the exception of our own posts. The links above will take you directly to the official Current Capital pages.

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We’d like you to be able to communicate with us and other commentators on our social media accounts in a safe and appropriate way. Here are a few house rules to ensure that everyone continues to feel welcome on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Comments posted to our social media accounts should either be directed at us, or be of interest to our followers. Spam will be removed.

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We reserve the rights to remove comments and block users for breaking our house rules.


Our accounts are managed by Current Capital employees or third parties appointed by Current Capital. Twitter and Facebook are monitored Monday – Friday between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00. All reasonable care is taken to ensure everything we post is appropriate. However, if on reflection, we feel our own posts should be removed, we’ll do so. We cannot take responsibility for the opinions held by anyone else posting to our social media accounts.


The comments, posts, images, videos and any other assets we share on social media remain our intellectual property. If you wish to use anything we share, please seek our permission first. Where permission is given, reasonable efforts should be made to credit us for our property.

We may use anything you post to our social media accounts for marketing and business purposes. By posting to our social media accounts, you give your permission for us to do so.

You follow links to external content, whether posted by us or a third party, at your own risk. Though we take care to only share from reputable sources, we cannot guarantee the integrity of other sites or the safety of links to them.


Individual posts should not be considered financial, professional or investment advice. We do offer financial advice and may link to our services. These posts will clearly be marked as advertisements following FCA guidance on financial promotions and inducements.


Any complaints made via social media will be actioned in the same way as a complaint made via any other channel. Where possible, you are advised to lodge complaints via email or telephone, as we are likely to need sensitive information to process them efficiently.


We reserve the right to amend these house rules without notice. We will notify you of any major changes via our social media channels.


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Current Capital's FCA registration number is: 762994 and can be seen here
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Policy most recently updated 16 June 2017